Me and Car Advice? No, Just Car (color) Advice!

In case you’ve missed my posts on Facebook and Instagram these last two weeks, I’ve been talking about the moods related to certain colors. Interesting stuff like looking at red for over 15 minutes can make you angry and why do so many people wear black?

I also get asked tons of questions about car colors. Thank goodness that’s the only car advice I’m asked as I drove a Buick for a year before I realized it wasn’t an Oldsmobile. (or was it vice-versa?)

You think that’s bad? One time, I even told Zab that it was MY turn to pick out our next car since I had never bought a car in my life. He was elated as I have never shown any interest in vehicles before. He said, “That’s great! You can pick out any car you want. What kind would you like?”

I already knew my answer long before his question.

“Simple,” I told him. “I want a grey one!”

OK, OK…not a strength for the independent woman, but hey, I’m just not into cars.  In fact, I told Zab today that my newsletter was going to be about cars, and he just laughed. He also said, “Plan to call Maggie and Alice-Anne for advice?”  (Yes, our granddaughters (7 and 6) know every make of a car by its logo. Impressive! They are much smarter young women than their Gram.

Trust me…all I’m going to talk about are color and cars. I know color!

Like I know that this year’s most popular car color choice is silver (even though silver is really grey with metallic shavings in it and not really a color; it’s just a tone.) I do know that silver cars pop out in low light but get blurred in the rain.

I know that white was the most popular car color (another tone) for over a decade especially during the minimalist 2000’s (you remember: less is more & Mom, throw-away-all- that-junk-before-you-die-and-I-have-to-deal-with-it decade?).

And I know that white cars are less likely to be in a crash during the day because the sun reflects their light surface.  I know that lighter colored cars are cooler on a hot day, and darker cars make scratches more obvious.

I know that black (yet another tone and not a color) has gone down in popularity since bullying has been addressed. Black gives the driver a “badass” image.

I know that taxi companies prefer to paint their cars yellow because yellow shows up well on city streets, rain or shine, and contrasts well with black asphalt roads.

And if you don’t want your car to be attractive to thieves, choose a bright colored one that only a few people drive. Avoid the mainstream colors which are easy for bad guys to sell.

And yes, it’s an urban legend (a myth, a lie, a good-grief-not-true!) that insurance companies charge more for red cars, and no…red cars do NOT get more speeding tickets.

It IS true, however, that you can see a red car racing toward you on a country road and watch it longer as it drives away, but that’s only in rural areas. Red cars get lost in the city when they have to compete with red lights, stop signs and business signage. And red cars really disappear at night albeit more slowly than black or navy-blue cars.

So, the answer to the question, “What color car should I buy?” should probably be Hot Pink!  Pink cars are safe because they stand out from the environment whether in the city or the country in any kind of weather, and their pinkness keeps its cool on the interior and calms other drivers on the outside. 

Besides, thieves won’t grab your pink car because they couldn’t resell it to anyone except maybe a Mary Kay salesperson in the witness protection program. Think about it! You could get it for a steal! Go PINK! and drive it to the next Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser!

Really…I’m serious! This is especially the key month to do that! So go!