CORPORATE ART: a WIN-WIN for Clients and Staff

     Building a corporate art collection can visually communicate your branding, values and vision before you even shake your client’s hand.          


      Establishing a culture of creativity for your company, the right artwork can be the "power suit"of your office space, yet is it worth the expense? Today, more than ever, businesses are establishing art purchases and rentals as a common line item on their budget spreadsheet – made even more appealing as it is tax-deductible.  



    Studies have proven that artwork can increase employee productivity and engagement while decreasing stress. Valuing your team’s wellbeing means elevating their day-to-day office experience. This equates to more than just upgrading the coffee brand in the break room. 

    It means inspiring staff and creating a comfortable work environment through carefully chosen colors, media, textures and themes of artwork. 


    A pop of color in a vibrant abstract painting or a calming black and white landscape can set the mood of a room and influence the behavior of the individuals within it – including your clients. Customer experience is shaped by the tone you set within your reception areas, conference room, hallways, offices and beyond. Let your walls help your receptionist in creating a warm and welcoming space to engage client’s creativity and conversation. 



    Incorporating artwork into your workplace goes beyond boosting employee and client satisfaction – it can also expand your identity within the community. Business leaders are in a unique position to support local and regional artists by exhibiting, purchasing and commissioning work to add to their collection. 

    Corporate support increases that artist’s visibility within their area and the exposure of their work may generate future collectors.  Working artists are a vital and dynamic force within a community. Engaging their talent creates a dialogue and sends the message that your company partners with and supports area artists. 



  Before any investment is made into your office art program, you will want to form a plan. Artwork can make or break a space – but no pressure. Luckily, there is assistance available to ensure that you find the right works to convey your corporate identity and brand. 

    The most reliable means of guidance can often be found through art consultants. Many have strong local and national artist connections from which to select and have a long established history in organizing corporate art rentals, acquisitions and commissions. 

    Using interior designers who deal directly with the local art community is another option in sourcing artwork and building a collection plan that fits your space and budget.  



    If you are confident in your collection plan and have a natural eye for aesthetics you may consider curating your space without professional assistance. If so, start regularly visiting local commercial art galleries within your area or while you are away on business. Be sure to introduce yourself to gallery staff to gain the inside track on new and upcoming available works. 

    Take advantage of local university galleries. Purchasing works from emerging student artists is a fantastic way to add original works of art to your collection and at reasonable price points. Your purchase and show of support can fuel a student artist’s dedication to their degree and trade. 


    In sourcing artwork, remain focused on your collection plan. It is easy to become swayed by a spectacular sculpture you happen upon in a gallery or an oversized painting you located on an artist’s social media page. Too often new collectors lose focus and risk making costly mistakes. 

     Consider durability and conservation when purchasing work. Is it a high traffic area? Lean towards works on paper under glass. Seeking a solution for a boardroom with plenty of sunlight? Show your individuality with a unique glass installation to catch the light. 

    Remain mindful when you begin installing your new works to guard against fading from direct sunlight due to office windows. This is particularly true of watercolors, photography and works on paper. 



    If the right artwork is the power suit of your office space, you need to make sure that your company is wearing it correctly. You may have to try on a few pieces first. Start small and build slowly or opt to lease artwork so that the pieces can be rotated frequently to keep things fresh. 

    Above all, explore your own creative side through this process. Involve your staff for their opinions on potential works. Discover new artists. Inspire an innovative atmosphere with each new work. 

    Whether you invest in an artwork program purely for décor or for its proven impact on staff and clients, it is a visible sign that your company cares about its employee and visitor experience.