I would Teach in a Walmart Aisle

If you haven’t seen my new video, you can click the link at the bottom of the page. But then, you’d probably learn WAY too much about me and some things you SHOULD NOT KNOW.

Like…if you own one of my paintings, you may not like hearing that I prefer to teach than to paint.

In fact, I can’t stop teaching. It boils out of me like steam from my mocha decaf.  I’ve taught the color wheel to a random customer at the paint counter of a hardware store. I’ve explained color temperature and product placement in the aisle of Rouse’s market. And once, I even simplified one point perspective on a napkin because the waitress had always been mystified by it. 

Zab (hubby) just shakes his head and mutters, “You really need to get a life.”

But teaching IS my life…and it is a life filled with sparkling party chatter about the fact that a pencil is not made of lead, never has, never will. Or that the body is eight heads tall and the face five eyes wide. Extra wine may even lead me to explain the position of the human body’s center of gravity.

When my art classes were delayed for three months because of my two broken legs (another blog, not today and certainly not as interesting), I feared that my teaching days were over. I was worried that I’d never walk again, never paint big again, and most of all, never teach again.

I felt mortal for the first time, and yes, I felt my age. My age? Easy…I’m 67! As my students have heard me say too many times, this is what 67 (or 50 or 32) looks like, and it’s the only year I’ll ever be this age. One day, I may wish I were 67 again.

In the meantime, I’m whining that I’m really feeling 67.

All this said, we can forget about that sob story now. The Art Station has reopened, and I’m teaching happily on two strong legs. The wonders of orthopedic surgery.

Oh and yes, I’m painting big again. I have a featured exhibit at Ariodante Gallery in New Orleans, March 1-30 and a one night Pop-up in Ponchatoula on April 21. So I must paint. And yes… I must teach too.

So now you can click this link and see me “pre-broken-legs”. Be rest assured that I look just like that now and 67 never felt so young!

Here’s the link. It’s only 8 minutes long: